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Customers have two payment options: (1) pay 100% when job is submitted and receive a 2% discount on printing and binding, (2) pay 50% when submitted, balance is due when books are picked up or delivered. When paying with MasterCard or VISA, 2% discount does not apply. Universities, colleges and governmental institutions may provide a purchase order number to initiate a project.
Shipping Books

When books leave Morgan Printing by UPS or common carrier freight line, the books become the property of the customer. For customer protection, we insure all books at customer cost. Lost or damaged books are not usually a problem, but if any difficulties arise, the customer should notify UPS or the freight line immediately so damage can be assessed, and then contact us for assistance.
Book Overages

United States book printing trade customs allow printers to deliver plus or minus 10% of ordered quantities, unless the customer specifies the exact amount that must be delivered. An order for "no-less-than" adds 5% to the estimate; if no overage will be accepted, the estimate will increase by 2%; exact count adds 7%. Morgan Printing seldom delivers fewer books than a customer orders, but we often deliver 1% to 5% more books. These "extra" books are billed to the customer at 80% of the per book cost.
Sales Tax (Texas Residents only)

Sales tax is billed on publications unless a customer: (1) provides us with a Texas Sales Tax Permit number for purpose of resale; (2) provides us with a non-profit tax exempt certificate; (3) is a state agency; or (4) if books are shipped outside Texas. To apply for a Limited Sales Tax Permit number, contact the State Comptroller of Public Accounts at 512-463-4600 or 1-800-252-5555, visit www.window.state.tx.us/taxpermit/, or visit a local branch.
Camera-Ready Copy

Camera-ready copy means that all spelling, editing, layout, and content are correct, and all text pages and cover (including spine) mechanics are ready to be shot on silvermaster or metal plates. Any typesetting, paste-up, stripping, etc. that Morgan Printing performs to bring text pages or cover mechanics up to camera-ready standards will be charged accordingly. The customer will be notified before production begins if additional costs are necessary to complete the job. If during pre-press we find halftones or covers are not sized properly or needing adjustment, we will advise the customer of the cost to make the corrections.
Printing Proofs
Text printed from paper plates -- If text is printed from silvermaster plates, we provide the actual printed text pages for review. The customer checks the printed pages to ensure pages are in order and printing is acceptable. If we make any printing mistakes, we print the pages over; if the customer finds a mistake in content that must be changed, we can reprint that particular signature at a minimal cost.

Covers and text printed from metal plates -- For text printed from metal plates and for covers with critical registration, 4-color process, or 133-line halftones, we provide a blueline or color proof before printing. The customer must approve the blueline or color proof. If a cover has non-touching inks or 100-line halftones, we provide a printed cover for customer approval.
Target Date for Completion

Once your camera-ready copy and deposit arrive, you and Morgan Printing agree to a target date for completion. This date may change, depending on unexpected delays in production, reprints, or proofing of printed copy, but we will inform you of any changes as soon as they become apparent. We are capable of scheduling jobs months in advance; if your project requires a critical due date, please reserve time in our schedule several weeks prior to bringing in your originals.

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