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Customer Feedback

"If you're looking for someone to take your book and turn it into a masterpiece, look no further. You're home.

The people at Morgan Printing offer a level of quality and personal service that you rarely find anymore. I came to Morgan late in the game when I was looking for a cover designer. When I saw the impressive array of covers on their site, I knew I wanted them to create the cover for my diet manual, I Love to Cheat.

This isn't a vanity project. This is a real business. And I want to provide a quality product for my customers.

A short time later, they sent me a cover. My response: "Wow!"

I wish I could show you the cover in person. It's a big book and everyone who sees it says the same thing: "Wow!" If you want an ordinary book, go to an ordinary printer. If you want the "wow" factor, come to Morgan Printing."

Debbie Fontana, author, I Love to Cheat

"Long before we ever envisioned Dos Gatos Press, David and I worked with the fine people at Morgan Printing, he as the sponsor of the literary magazine at Johnston High School and I as the editor of the first five di-verse-city anthologies for the Austin International Poetry Festival. When we took over publication of the Texas Poetry Calendar, we knew immediately that we wanted Morgan Printing to handle it, and not the printer who produced the calendar before us. There was never a question about it. Morgan consistently produces top-notch work that earns us accolades and sales. We couldn't ask for more! We expect to continue working with Morgan Printing for the long haul!

Scott Wiggerman, David Meischen, publishers, Texas Poetry Calendar

"We went to Morgan Printing one winter morning simply for a bid on printing our first children's book. As it turned out, we did not seek a bid from anyone else. We knew right from the beginning that these people were special and that they were the ones we wanted to help us design and print our book. We were not disappointed -- not at all! In fact, we have also turned over our web sites to them. These wonderful people are creative, intelligent, professional, and work beautifully as a team. What a pleasant experience we had working with them on Leroy the Cowboy: Children & Horses."

Davis Ford, Pam Arthur, authors; Ken Arthur, illustrator, Leroy the Cowboy: Children & Horses

"Morgan Printing provided the service, professionalism and consideration that made my working experience with them a real pleasure! Their work was always timely and accurate. I would recommend Morgan for anyone's book printing needs."

Mike Kearby, author, The Road to a Hanging

"I was fortunate to have approached Morgan Printing shortly after starting Vagabond Press. Many mistakes were prevented due to the staff's willingness to spend time with me. Although all four titles I've published thus far have had small press runs, I've never felt ignored, neglected or taken advantage of (that's what book distributors and reviewers are for).

Honestly, there are so many rip-offs at all levels of the publishing industry that it's of tremendous value to have someone you can trust. In addition, the folks at Morgan Printing are generous with worthwhile suggestions and solutions that only experience can provide. And don't forget that they print more than books -- they have printed thousands of professional-looking flyers for me at very competitive prices."

Richard Kendrick, publisher, The Room With Closets (Vagabond Press)

"After spending years bringing a book to fruition, you want to find a printer who understands how important it is that the final production be a first-class, quality job. Moreover, you want folks who will listen and help you bring forth the book that you envisioned, not just what is easiest for them. In Morgan Printing, we found these things and more.

Quite simply, the people at Morgan Printing treated our project as if it were their own. We got excellent advice on how to prepare everything so that we would get exactly what we wanted. The costs were very clearly explained and we knew just what we were paying for and why. There were no surprises, ever.

The folks at Morgan Printing executed each step of the process with painstaking attention to detail. Now we can hold the results in our hands. Our friends and customers have been blown away by the beautiful finished look of our book. We felt that Morgan Printing was not simply another vendor, but a partner with us on this crucial stage of our project."

Liz Clare & Mary Clare (Frances Hunter), authors, To The Ends of the Earth

"I believe that I am something of a difficult customer, being autistic, and I can be rather prickly and particular. Even so, Morgan Printing did a very good job throughout my project. Beyond this, they were willing to work with my sometimes unusual requirements, explaining and helping to solve problems."

Michael Hannon, author & illustrator, Album Leaves

"Morgan Printing has scads of knowledge, oodles of patience, and uncompromised integrity -- what more could you want? A company that treats you like a person and not just a customer? It has that too. The staff's hand-holding replaced my initial trepidation and insecurity with a product I am proud of."

Jane Mahlow, author, Hiss, Whine & Start Over

"Morgan Printing has such a great staff, that I simply miss the fun of working with them on my book. They are all knowledgeable, friendly, and more than fair on the pure old business side of things. I am looking forward to doing it all again with them on another book one of these days. My thanks to all the great people at Morgan!"

Harold Billings, author, M.P. Shiel, Austin, Texas

"I am adding this post-production testimonial to add to my earlier review. If you are looking for a local printer for your most cherished ideas, it doesn't make much sense to look elsewhere. From beginning to end, the Morgan Printing staff will watch over your work as if their own good reputation were at stake. Let me give you some concrete examples.

When I went to their office, they presented me with a wide assortment of paper choices and production techniques for me to consider. They went out of their way to order a particular paper I found in a catalogue. I was also very picky about how the cover was to look. The graphic designer sat with me and printed out different versions of my cover until I was happy with the shading. The layout expert showed me pre-production layouts of the journal. And, to make sure I was happy with the journal, I looked at an unbound version of the printed journal. One remarkable thing: I approved a very light shaded word on one of the pages. After production, one of the staff was worried that I would not like the lightness, as if it were his own publication.

All of this service and expertise was delivered to me by people who take pride in their skills and trade, and at a very affordable price. I feel as well taken care of as when I go to my Aunt Shirley's house for Thanksgiving, showered with love and affection. If you are making a decision about which printing company to go with, the decision is similar to where to go for Thanksgiving dinner: Denny's or Aunt Shirley's?"

Dr. James Kraft, editor, Logos, Austin, Texas

"As a professor of philosophy and religion at Huston-Tillotson University in Austin Texas, I make my living in part by the publications I create or sponsor. So I cannot afford to be associated with a publication that is not professional. That is why I was very selective when looking for a printer for our new student journal.

After looking online and in the phone book, and after asking colleagues and acquaintances for recommendations, Morgan Printing moved to the front of the pack. Their website inspired confidence. But my phone conversations with their representatives, a printing quote I could actually understand, and preliminary package I received from them singled them out as the best choice. After looking at quotes from ten printers, and after considering all the information I gathered, we confidently moved forward with Morgan. What tipped the scales were the superbly done sample books they sent me, and the very helpful packet of publishing resources.

Granted, this testimony is from a vantage point before the actual production, but, I plan to add to this review post production. Nobody asked me to write this testimonial -- it is just that when I see quality I like to let others know about it."

Dr. James Kraft, editor, Logos, Austin, Texas

"I am very appreciative of Morgan Printing and the helpful guidance I received going through the process of printing my first book. First, you were highly recommended by a friend who had three books printed there. Then I found out an acquaintance had nine books printed with you -- and that was the clincher. I knew you must be good to people.

My appreciation began with the fact that you always had a real person there to answer the phone. How I loved being able to call, explain my issue, and be put through to the person who could help me. I appreciated how Terry Sherrell kept working on the text design until it was perfect. She corrected every detail, and I was embarrassed with the number of 'details' I found for her to correct. You also referred me to the artist, David Shackelford, who saw my vision and achieved what I hoped -- yet I could hardly believe he captured it with a pencil drawing, but he did.

You all made the printing process frustration-free for me and I will be forever grateful. I'm very much looking forward to working with you on reprints as well as my next book."

Dorothy Herron, author, Hot Sand and Horny Toads

"The best thing about Morgan Printing is the people. They're friendly, businesslike, and knowledgeable. They know printing, design, and typesetting inside out. And guess what? These are happy people. I've seen the same people for about ten years. That means they're a team and they're loyal to their company and customers. If they make a mistake, they fix it promptly. Their work is competitively priced. The quality is great. By the way, they do much more than you might expect from a book printer. So I bring them calendar work and book work. I'm proud to know and work with Morgan."

Michael Quinn, publisher, Benefits and Deductions of the Home Based Business

"Going into this project I wasn't even sure if what I wanted was even feasible. Mostly because I knew my books were intensely graphical (filled with screen shots, photographs, and line art). I had no idea if they would survive the process. However, the test prints put to rest any fears I had and the end results far exceeded my initial expectations.

And if that wasn't enough, you all were a true pleasure to work with from start to finish. I've already started on my next two books and it's a load off my mind knowing I won't have to shop around for a printer again."

Charlie Hills, author, Getting Results With MediaStudio Pro 8

"Morgan Printing designed my book cover, and they were extremely professional and helpful -- offering a lot of suggestions, including how to launch my book -- and didn't seem to mind when I made a thousand nit-picky changes. My cover was designed for me in an amazingly short amount of time and I was 200% happy with the end result."

Ellen Simonetti, author, Diary of a Dysfunctional Flight Attendant

"From start to finish my experience with Morgan Printing was professional, productive and quite enjoyable. The owners and staff have a unique way of creating a laid-back environment while working on high-level projects. Their ability to understand the project and offer their professional advice really helped me make critical decisions easily and effectively. I have recommended them to many writers and will continue to do so."

Winston G. Williams, author, Would You?

"Because of Morgan Printing, I feel that I have completed the circle of self-publishing that was lacking in my personal endeavor to write and publish. The fringes of self-publishing are easily obtained through the myriad of books on the market, but you, through you and your helpful staff -- and your company's pricing policies -- have made it possible for a first-timer like myself to actually make money on my first edition. My truck will be at your door Monday to load up my second printing of Windancer."

Perry Pierce, author, Windancer

"Morgan Printing has been extremely helpful to me in setting up the projects I've sent them, both with their technical advice (not to mention patience) and their willingness to make last-minute corrections or adjustments on the artwork or layout when the need crops up. I've actually found it educational. The color reproduction has always been right on the money, so I never worry at all about whether or not the printed image will differ from the original artwork. It is always great to work with them."

Bob Aul, illustrator, Wonder of the Worlds

"With the leadership of Mark Hillis, Morgan Printing printed three of my books: Universal Desires & Fears: The Deep History of Sociobiology (1997), Survival of the Fittest: The Darwinian Diet and Exercise Program (1998), and Night of the Dagger: A Historical Novel of Voodoo (2005), with original Haitian art by Edouard Wah.

Night of the Dagger was a definite challenge, as it required special handling of the art work, a particular paper for printing, careful binding, leather covering, an unusual dust jacket, and many other large and small details. Mark made sure that all paths were open; Terry Sherrell constructed the bulk of the book and artwork; Stephen Bright did his magic with the dust jacket and computer; Sky helped with proofing and made it a pleasure to walk through the door. So many others, usually invisible, quietly did their work, allowing my obsession to come together. In addition, they all prevented me from making many dreadful mistakes. The end result is beautiful.

The folks at Morgan Printing are the finest I have had the pleasure of knowing. They are professional, clearly, but more than that they are part of a family. I asked Mark why no one quit to go elsewhere. With his usual quick humor, he said they couldn't; he had too much on them. To me it looks as if love and respect keep them together. They love the written word and fill their lives helping others reach their writing goals.

It doesn't get better than that."

Del Thiessen, author, Austin, Texas

"I want to thank you all so very much for making the printing of our first book such a wonderful experience. Every single person that I have spoken to and worked with -- Mark, Stephen, Sky, Terry and Dawn -- was so friendly and helpful. It is rare to find such a great group of people in one terrific company. I really appreciate all of your advice, help and support. You made this first foray into the publishing business easy and enjoyable. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

Meredith Keller, publisher, Get Your Dream Job,
San Antonio, Texas

"Are you sick of wasting time writing to would-be publishers and waiting for months to learn that they're not interested? Why not use Morgan Printing, instead? There the process of choosing and designing the visual look for your book is a playful and effortlessly creative venture. It was so much fun -- a just reward for having finished the book, and so much easier than writing it! At Morgan Printing you can co-create the icing for the cake you have been baking, perhaps for years.

Imagine the fun of sitting with patient, creative people as you choose just the right font for your masterpiece, decide on layout of pages and whether to begin each chapter's opening sentence with a giant capital letter. You will have the fun of discovering dingbats (those little visual dividers denoting a break of some sort between paragraphs), learning what they are called, and then going through pages of them until you find just the right one. It will express your sense of the aesthetic and the precise flavor of the break you intended. Will the page numbers be in the upper right corner or betwixt horizontal lines at the bottom? What of the headings? Would you like the chapter title on one page and the book title as a header on the opposing page, or just a horizontal line with no verbal heading at all? None of these decisions need be made in the abstract. Terry Sherrell, an artist by training and sensibility, will create the feature under consideration almost as quickly as you can think of it. You will see your very own text with different headings and fonts, and the chapter titles in different sizes and shapes. You can say, "Well, how about a little more of this or that, or could you make this bigger, that margin smaller, use a more dignified or playful or whatever font for the chapter title? Within seconds, thanks to Terry's mastery of the computer, it is on the screen for you to adjust or accept. Terry is infinitely patient and seemed as invested in my project as I was. She was ever honest in giving her opinion, though never pushy to impose it if I opted for something different. It was truly a collaborative project.

Imagine all of the fun choices in designing the title page. What relationship do you want between the size of the title and the size of your name? Would you like your name comparatively smaller so as not to appear too egomaniacal? Or should it be a little bigger so that you are not invisible? Should the font present you as a dignified character? A zany, creative soul? A bold, decisive character or a humble, egoless type? Would you like the book title font stylistically linked to the subject matter?

There are other choices: the paper. Do you want it thick and ponderous? Matted or almost glossy? What is the effect of each on the reader's eyes? Mark can tell you precisely and advise you wisely so that your reader will avoid the eyestrain that could result in his putting down your opus and never picking it up again. Mark will also discuss the cost for the final product. There were no hidden costs. The price quoted was exactly the price paid when the gorgeous books were delivered. They were neatly packaged in sealed cartons. Printed labels on the sturdy boxes denoted the book title, author, and number of copies contained within.

Designing the cover was a quantum dimensional leap from the black and white of text to color. Stephen Bright brought to the venture his extensive experience in layout and design of both front and back covers. He had very helpful suggestions about the inclusion of blurbs from other authors recommending the book to encourage those casually perusing the book to make the decision to buy. He guided the process with expertise yet made it collaborative. He explained the importance of including bar codes with the price and subject headings on the back cover to comply with bookstore desires. Like Terry, he was ever patient with my numerous afterthought adjustments of the intensity of a particular color, size or spacing of font. After guiding me to clarify my wishes and to bring in some books with covers I especially liked, he produced a series of stunning covers from which I chose.

In short, I highly recommend Morgan Printing to deliver your beautiful baby into the world."

Michael O'Callaghan, author, Awakened,
Austin, Texas

"Professional, creative, informative, accommodating, personal, prompt and sincere are just some of the words that come to mind in describing the people at Morgan Printing. My experience was both exciting and rewarding because I was kept involved and informed at all times. Thanks to Morgan Printing for helping turn out a product that has been so well received."

Don Butler, author, The North Fork,
Austin, Texas

"After writing scripts and poetry for other publishing companies, we decided to go out on a joint venture of our own. We were both familiar with high quality publishing and our expectations were high as we searched for the right printing company to serve this endeavor. We investigated several sources through our national contacts, but one name kept coming up through our friends at the Writers' League of Texas -- Morgan Printing. After visiting with Morgan, we soon realized that we, like Dorothy Gale from Kansas, needn't look any further than "our own back yard" to find exactly what we needed.

Morgan Printing met and exceeded our expectations. From the first phone call to the final press run, we received the utmost courtesy, promptness and professional service. The staff at Morgan worked with our ideas and contributed suggestions and advice to help us achieve a publication of which we are very proud. Their insight on format and artistic design was right on target and their experience and standards of excellence lent a professional style and polish to our project that we could not have accomplished on our own. They meticulously checked and rechecked every detail, leaving nothing to chance. There were no surprises in costs or timelines. We received more than a service from Morgan Printing; we received cooperative and professional partnership.

Morgan also worked with us on the extras we needed to boost our marketing-- providing graphics of our cover and original artwork to be displayed on our website and printing extra covers for promotional purposes.

Our customer base has raved about the cover design as well as the content. We feel that the professional polish Morgan Printing offered is one of the reasons we have had sales every single day since we debuted our book. We're already working on our second volume and a trilogy of novels; we most definitely will be working with the folks at Morgan Printing again.

Thanks, guys. Who said poetry was dead? Poetry is alive and well and making a profit."

J.J. Jonas and David Abbott, authors,
Reflecting Pool: A Collection of Narrative and Historical Poetry

"We were looking for a top quality printer with quick turnaround time -- a tough combination to find -- but my husband, who had previously worked for a printing company, was so impressed with your quality, and your timeframe commitment was just what we needed.

The book is beautiful -- it looks as good, if not better, than my first two books, which were published by John Wiley & Sons. But more importantly, you were great to work with. No matter what we asked, you were very accommodating and came through quickly. For example, when we sent you the ISBN number for the book, you immediately sent back the bar code for our inspection. When we wanted a few books early for a special event out of town, you jumped through hoops and accommodated us, but never compromised quality.

Thank you, Terry, Mark, Stephen, Sky, and the team at Morgan Printing, for such a wonderful experience. I know I can be a high-maintenance customer, and yet you met and exceeded my expectations. Kudos for a great job and a great partnership on this book. I look forward to working with you again."

Mellanie True Hills, author, A Woman's Guide to Saving Her Own Life, published by Healthy Ideas Press

"As a first time self-publisher, I enjoyed the experience of working with the team at Morgan Printing to produce my new book, Chinese Heart of Texas. They were very thorough and professional in all aspects of book production and communicated with me almost daily during the prepress stages of layout, and cover design.

Morgan Printing seems committed to providing their customers with the best job possible by showing attention to the details of copy-editing, or by explanaining the various stages of print production. During my first visit, I was given a complete walk-through of the press plant which helped me to understand the book manufacturing process. We then agreed to a schedule which was flexible enough to allow for last minute fixes or changes.

It was a definite advantage working with a local printer, but electronic communication is now good enough to enable equally high quality books. I trust that they will be ready to fill my need for a second printing depending on my book's success. Part of that success will be due to the high quality of the physical product, thanks to Morgan Printing."

Mel Brown, author, Chinese Heart of Texas

"We love Morgan Printing! Since its first issue in 1992, Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review has been produced by Morgan Printing. We couldn't be more pleased with your services. From design to production to shipping to the all-around great staff, the people who are Morgan Printing make our journal stand out. Thanks in large part to your services, the journal receives high praise from national and local reviewers. You're the best."

Ramona Cearley, Director, Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review

"Before meeting the folks at Morgan Printing I had no idea how to turn a manuscript into an actual book. The step-by-step instructions I received made it a relatively simple process. And the finished product is beautiful. I couldn't be more pleased!"

Jeff Kerr, author, Austin, Texas - Then and Now,
Austin, Texas

"When I had finished what I hoped was the final draft of my first non-fiction manuscript "I Flunked Sunday School", I panicked. Would my next book be "I Flunked Publishing"? But a friend told me of Morgan Printing, and after a brief website and phone visit I drove from Houston to Austin to meet some of the best, kindest, most talented and professional individuals in publishing. My thanks to everyone at Morgan Printing."

Ken Bailey, author, I Flunked Sunday School,
and host of "The Neon Fish" radio show

"I was a complete novice when I approached Morgan Printing. They provided me with consultive sessions, advice and options to enhance the finished product for the highly competitive book selling market. I've had numerous compliments since the release of The Sacred Robe."

Brian Schwab, author, The Sacred Robe,
Austin, Texas

"It was a wonderful experience working with Morgan Printing. Everyone was very professional and extremely helpful, and I recommend them highly!"

Cheryl Sanders, author, Runaway Tigger,
Austin, Texas

"My publisher utilized Morgan Printing's superior design services for our new mystery-thriller, and the results were outstanding. Working closely with us, Terry provided the excellent page layout, Stephen created our terrific dust jacket, and Blake designed our eye-catching bookmarks. Highly Recommended."

Don Eckhardt, author, The Hannibal e-Puzzle,
Houston, Texas

"Morgan Printing's very professional publication of A Rock Against Alien Waves has already been heralded both in Europe and in the United States as the best contemporary work in English on the history of the Sorbian people. We are grateful for their collegial rapport in developing this product as well as for their willingness to go the extra mile in mastering Slavic diacritics to assure the book would receive the scholarly audience it deserves."

Dave Zersen, publisher, A Rock Against Alien Waves,
Concordia University Press, Austin, Texas

"Morgan Printing made me feel so comfortable about my self-publishing experience. It was my first time to publish a book. I had a lot of doubts and fears, not to mention a lack of experience, associated with what I was about to do. Terry and Stephen held my hand through the entire process. They are my heroes and I plan to use them for my next book also."

Martha Iglehart, author, Mama Jimmie's Lessons from the Heart, Austin, Texas

"From the very first time I visited Morgan Printing, I've been treated with the utmost in courtesy and professionalism. Of course, as a first time author, I felt extremely intimidated by the whole process of publishing and printing, but the staff at Morgan Printing listened to my every question, never once making me feel the least bit afraid to ask. I've received advice and encouragement every step of the way, and now have a finished product that I can be proud to call my own."

Nicolas Remy, author, Eyes of the Morning,
Austin, Texas

"I have used Morgan for two years to print my City of Austin Arts Commission-funded books. They do quality work and are, most important of all, very easy to work with. All the employees are congenial and conducive to what your ideas are about and what you want -- even when part of your product might be somewhat difficult or time-consuming. I receive many positive comments from people when I read / sign / perform from these books about their quality and how great they look. I will definitely be using them in the future to produce more books."

Barbara Youngblood Carr, author, Quilted Memories, Austin, Texas

"Working with the folks at Morgan Printing has been sheer joy! In the many visits I've made to their shop, whether to work on my own material or to introduce them to other authors, I've always found them welcoming and eager to help in any way. Also, the quality of work they have done for me could not be improved upon."

Bitsy Ayres Rubsamen, author, Becoming the Beloved, Imago Dei Publications, San Antonio, Texas

"As far as I have seen, our journal is the best looking journal of student writing in the nation. Why is this important? Because when a student publishes a first poem or story and sees it beautifully designed and perfectly printed, he or she believes even more strongly that the struggles and efforts to write well are appreciated and rewarded. If Austin Community College values their efforts and talents, they learn to value their efforts and talents, as well. This is why we publish with Morgan Printing. We know that Morgan Printing will help us at every stage of producing the journal to make it as beautiful and as cost effective as possible. I can't tell you the number of mistakes they have prevented me from making! From designing stunning covers and catching my careless typos to binding and meeting printing deadlines, Morgan's staff does it all and does it all expertly."

Lyman Grant, editor, The Rio Review, Chair, Department of Creative Writing, Austin Community College, Austin, Texas

"After having completed the first draft of my manuscript I was faced with the dilemma of seeking a publisher or self-publishing. As a new author, I was in dire need of direction. Fate smiled upon me when I decided to investigate Morgan Printing in Austin. I met with Terry Sherrell who was very congenial and not only introduced me to other key people, but also gave me a tour of their facility. After some soul searching, I decided to put my faith in Morgan Printing and self-publish. Terry had the patience to answer my questions. Working with Stephen Bright, we developed a book cover that has great eye appeal."

Ramiro "Ray" Martinez, author, They Call Me Ranger Ray, New Braunfels, Texas

"If your talent lies in writing your book, but not in graphics or book production, Morgan Printing is an ideal company to do your book layout, cover, and printing. They are all top-notch professionals and a pleasure to work with. Their designer gave me several excellent ideas to choose from for the cover, and their editor can do magical things with the layout. They made my book production fun rather than an overwhelming chore."

Mickey Michaels, author, Successful Divorce and Single Parenting, Austin, Texas

"As a self-publlsher, I want my work taken seriously. When I delivered the first copies of Hot Jams to advance customers, I was delighted to hear them say, "Wow, it looks like a real book!"

Dyanne Fry Cortez, author, Hot Jams & Cold Showers, Austin, Texas

"Morgan Printing made my book indistinguishable from those of the major presses. Their quality work helped launch the book into three printings."

Irwin Tang, author,
The Texas Aggie Bonfire, Austin, Texas

"Morgan Printing helped walk SafePlace through the steps in publishing our first curriculum in 2000. This publishing and printing process was completely new to us -- I personally appreciated the opportunity to work with and get to know the entire Morgan Printing team. I found the staff to be so informative, flexible, and fun! I'm especially grateful to Terry Sherrell who helped us think through and design our layout, Stephen Bright for his patience with us as we explored color schemes for the cover art, Mark Hillis for taking the time to talk to me about the printing process and explore ways for us to save money in the long run, and Sky for her wisdom and welcoming demeanor. We plan to work with Morgan Printing again on future publications."

Wendie H. Abramson, editor, Stop the Violence, Break the Silence, SafePlace, Austin, Texas

"We are extremely pleased with the Ministry brochure that Morgan Printing created for us and have received numerous compliments from our parishioners. Your congenial, dedicated personnel, along with the ease and speed of completion made our collaboration refreshingly stress-free. We will not hesitate to recommend your company to our colleagues as well as utilize your expertise in the future. Thank you!"

Kathleen Leary, Director of Ministry
St.Mary Cathedral, Austin, Texas

"Morgan Printing helped me accomplish my vision of publishing a historical fiction novel, Up South. I can now see my book on the shelves of history buffs in Western New York State next to local authors such as John C. Gardner, William F. Brown, Jr. and Arch Merrill. No, don't get me wrong, I'm a novice writer enjoying my literary attempts -- not the wordsmiths these men are -- but I did accomplish my dream.

You may think just the writing is the most difficult step, but hang in there -- the road to publishing is not paved in gold. I don't even think it is paved at all! But don't turn back, there are folks to help you gather your bearings and Morgan Printing is an important part of that support group.

The staff at Morgan worked with my ideas and enhanced the experience of getting my book Up South printed. They had a fine packet of procedures including addresses, websites, applications for ISBN numbers, copyright, tax and cataloging information that needed to be completed. The packet answered most all my questions and the Morgan staff was also available to give me insight. Mark Hillis oversaw my book production, Stephen Bright did a great job on my cover, Terry Sherrell was there for support and the rest of the staff did their part to make my book-dream a reality."

Lynda Breckenridge Gaetano, author
Up South, Austin, TX

"As first-time authors, we were provided step-by-step instructions, time-lines and budget information that facilitated the completion of this project.

Discussions about format and design were relaxed and informative. Our ideas were respectfully received and we felt our 'team effort' resulted in a beautifully designed professional publication.

The people at Morgan Printing demonstrated sincere interest in our publication, and the opportunity to deal with a local business with an international reputation is rare. Austin should be proud to have Morgan Printing as part of the local business community."

Laurie Scott and William Dick
Mastery for Strings

"For a first-time author such as myself, Morgan Printing was invaluable in helping me to create a professional-looking book. Their people were great to work with, guiding me through the printing process and answering all my questions. Plus, they designed a fantastic cover for me in less than an hour."

Larry Rosenblatt, author
In Our Best Interest
e-mail: larry_rosenblatt@yahoo.com

"Morgan Printing helped us turn our manuscript into a professional-looking, first-rate book. For first-time authors, this was nothing short of a miracle!

We thought we researched all the facts on how to prepare manuscripts for printing until we called and spoke to them. Morgan Printing was very helpful with advice, not only on printing matters, but also all the technical matters like copyright, ISBN, etc...and all the other details that satisfy all the agencies associated with printing and publishing books.

Morgan Printing's attention to the visual and creative details was also helpful with our book cover. We had pre-determined color requirements and word placement, and they were able to duplicate our ideas perfectly with some changes that improved the look of the book and captured the feelings that the words and color were intended to convey.

Morgan Printing's work is first-class and it shows in the quality of the finished book!"

Sheryl Budelier Perez and Cathleen Chase, authors
Look Within: You Hold the Power to Inner Peace
Dallas, Texas

"Morgan Printing does excellent, top-notch work. They have outstanding, friendly, helpful staff and they are very professional. I give them my highest recommendation."

Edward T. Martin, author, King of Travelers: Jesus' Lost Years in India, Austin, Texas

"Professional, efficient, knowledgeable -- this is what a client can expect at Morgan Printing, along with personal, courteous and enthusiastic concern for the client's project. Morgan Printing provides full service, from cover design and layout to the finished product. Attention to detail is a built-in hallmark of Morgan Printing. The experienced editor/typographer will be pleased with Morgan Printing's ability to carry his project forward, while the first-time author-publisher will be relieved to discover that his work is in the hands of real people who have not only concern but genuine, old-fashioned pride in the product Morgan Printing delivers. Morgan Printing's full-service capability is offered at a cost that is very competitive in a highly competitive market. From the moment I first opened the door at Morgan Printing to be greeted by the receptionist, I knew that my book had found a home. I feel I, too, am at home at Morgan Printing -- one of the few places remaining where doing business is a real pleasure!

Larry Dean Hamilton, author, A Gathering of Angels, Bay City, Texas

"We have been using Morgan Printing since the early '80s. At that time we were desperate to find a printer that would do a good job in printing our reports. We have never looked back. Morgan prints all of our publications. We are confident that whether we give them electronic or hard copy material, the resulting book will be just what we wanted. They do an expert job of laying out complex and long documents when we need someone else to do that for us. I know when we turn in a project, we will be happy with the result. I am always happy to recommend them."

Sandy Hannum, Prewitt and Associates, Inc., Austin, Texas

"In my business, finding a really good printer is much more important than whiter teeth. I've been with Morgan Printing since 1995. The same people I met then are still there. And they are an excellent team, so I always have someone there to talk to who knows about my project. This is the most professional and enjoyable business association I've ever made. I almost wish they were running the government...almost (it's more important to have a good printer - see above)."

W. Lance Ferguson, Skywatch Publications, Rockport, Texas

"I have worked closely on archeological book projects with the wonderful people at Morgan Printing since 1991, and all aspects of the business and publication process that I have experienced have been great. I bring them all my archeological publishing projects--because they have the necessary expertise to produce a very fine product--and we have a great working relationship. I have also recommended them to my archeological colleagues here in Texas, as well as in other parts of the U.S."

Timothy K. Perttula, Ph.D., Author, Editor
Archeological & Environmental Consultants, LLC

"It's been a year since Morgan Printing completed the family history I wrote, The Family of Wilson Barton and Mildah McKinney. Their patient help in dealing with technicalities of the software I used helped me persevere. The cover design fulfilled my expressed hopes for flair with understated good taste, and stayed within my budget. The overall quality of the book is frequently praised by those who own it."

Karla Cox Smith, Author, Georgetown, Texas

"As a new author, I have found the entire staff at Morgan Printing to be both knowledgeable and professional. I have enjoyed my relationship with Morgan Printing and am very pleased with the quality and timeliness of their work. I recommend them highly."

Bill Hyche, Author, The Right Moment
Austin, Texas

"I started out by contacting publishers to get my first book published. After many emails and calls, all of them told me it would take over 2 years to see my book in print and it would cost me an arm and a leg. A friend of mine then referred me to Morgan Printing to ease my mind. Easing my mind is exactly what they offered me. They worked with me from the cover of my book down to exactly how I wanted the pages to look. Their staff is experienced, knowledgeable and very responsive. I could not believe how fast they got my print job done. They did an excellent job on the pages and the overall book. I sold 100 copies within the first week. I have been to many book signings and I always get great reviews on the printing of my book and the page design. I loved working with the staff at Morgan Printing. They made it extremely easy for me to put together my book while I kept my full time job. I am definitely looking forward to doing my next job with them and would recommend them to everyone."

Parwana Mujadedi, Author,
Through the Eyes of an Afghan Girl

"After working with Morgan Printing for 3 years, we've learned our 5th book would never have been possible without them. Without their patience, courteous help, prompt services, and always reliable quality our company would still be working on it's first book. Thank you to all at Morgan Printing for the timeless help you have given Cistern Publishing Company!"

Kathleen & Croft Barker, Editor and Author,
Cistern Publishing Company, Flatonia, Texas

"The people at Morgan Printing are friendly and easygoing - that makes my job as a press liaison much easier. Kudos to Stephen Bright for turning our jobs around quickly and for always getting it right the first time."

Molly McCombs, Psychonomic Society

"Morgan Printing has been invaluable in helping me publish a quarterly academic journal. I know of no other printer with their expertise, patience and competitive pricing. The success of my publication is due in large part to their dependable and efficient services."

Javier A. Martinez, Ph.D., Editor, Extrapolation
The University of Texas at Brownsville


We were referred to Morgan Printing after a disastrous print-on-demand experience and we couldn't be happier. Not only does Morgan deliver top quality at great prices, they worked carefully and conscientiously to supply the absolutely best results. Our art director just loves working with them because of Stephen Bright's quiet, pleasant professionalism."

Holly Benedict, Editor, Compass Point Mysteries

"I never hesitate to recommend Morgan Printing to a client. I know that the manuscripts that I have edited for authors will end up as quality designed and printed books. The books that Morgan Printing has produced for my client base look as good or better than most of the books they stand up against on bookstore and library shelves."

Mindy Reed, The Authors' Assistant, Austin, TX
Editor, The Unexpected Guest

"The folks at Morgan are easy to get along with and work hard to get things right. They have come through on two novels. Though my cover designs and bright colors were difficult to print they came out great."

Skip Douden, Author, Worst Liar in Texas,
Corpus Christi, TX

"As a very amateur desktop publishing editor for a trade association, I have found that Morgan Printing has been the best to work with. They produce a quality magazine that makes us all very proud - especially myself! Stephen Bright of their staff has always been more than willing to help me with any questions I have about the process, and does a wonderful job with the covers on our magazines. I highly recommend anyone taking all their printing needs to Morgan Printing!"

Debbie Main, Editor, Texas Court Reporters Association, Austin,TX

"When I walked into Morgan Printing it was like 'country came to town.' I knew nothing about printing, publishing, or the definition of funny phrases like ISBN numbers and Library of Congress or how to lay out a cover. But I carried with me a manuscript of my first book.

I think I recall starting this erudite conversation of mine with the word 'Uhhh.' Then your staff came to my rescue.

While I was in the lobby waiting room, I gazed around the packed shelves of books printed by Morgan Printing. There were wonderful looking books on most any subject. My first thought was 'what am I doing here?' Their help and advice started here.

With the careful attention and thoughtful guidance of the staff I was soon on my way to join others in the collection on the wall.

To say I learned a lot from these kind folks will not do them justice. They were great to do business with and I recommend them to you without reservation."

J. R. Bob Jamison, Author
Airplanes, Alligators and Hi-Fin Blues

"As a small non profit agency we had never taken on the huge task of self publishing a book. We found Morgan Printing to be an ideal partner to help us through the maze of self publishing. We found them very easy to work with and responsive to our needs. They printed a small but very professional looking book with which we are quite proud. We are now in our second printing of our Principles of Good Parenting by Louise K. Iscoe."

Donald J. Zappone, Dr.P.H.
Executive Director, Austin Child Guidance Center

"We've used Morgan Printing for our academic journal for several years, and each time they've helped us create an award-winning issue. Though the entire process is predicated on close coordination with their staff, I am consistently impressed with their dynamic, friendly service."

J. Clayton Shoppa, Editor
Arete, Austin, TX

"Both the level of service and quality of product which Morgan Printing provide have made them our printer of choice. Our poetry journal, Cider Press Review (which is small even by small press standards), has received personal, professional attention from Morgan's staff every time we've used them. Our product couldn't look better, and they even helped us create our most recent cover out of nothing but 2 MS Word documents and a dream."

Robert Wynne, Editor
Cider Press Review, Fort Worth, Texas

"When I first considered self-publishing, I knew nothing about publishing - nothing about printing. I called Mark Hillis at Morgan Printing, because of all the book printing companies recommended in The Self-Publishing Manual, it was close by. Mark was very helpful in answering my questions, and Stephen Bright's finishing touches on the cover design added that something special I was forgetting. The other Morgan Printing employees I came in contact with were both helpful and courteous.

I was very pleased with the quality of the finished product. So much so, that I submitted Dancing at the Shoulder of the Bull to Library Journal for review. The quality of the book printing led the reviewer to read it. And the content earned the "recommended" rating.

I will continue to recommend Morgan Printing to others interested in self-publishing. They do a fine job.

Lisa B. Wilkinson, Dancing at the Shoulder of the Bull, by Laramee Douglas, A John Suarez Mystery

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