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Publisher's Guidelines

Copyright Registration*
To register a copyright, you will need to send application Form TX, fee (see website) and two copies of the finished publication (no galleys) within two weeks of printing to the Library of Congress, Copyright Office, 101 Independence Ave. S.E., Washington, DC 20559 (202-707-3000). (Copyright registration is effective upon receipt of the above.) Within 16 weeks you will receive a certificate of registration. Website: www.copyright.gov.
(International Standard Book Number)
This is a worldwide book identification system. There is a different ISBN number for each edition and binding for each book, audiotape, software, or videotape. To obtain your ISBN numbers contact R.R. Bowker, 630 Central Avenue, New Providence, NJ 07974, 908-286-1090 or 888-269-5372; fax 908-219-0188 or go online to www.bowker.com or www.isbn.org. Request an Application for Publisher's Prefix. A minimum block of ten ISBN numbers will be issued online(more may be purchased if needed). Call if only a single number is wanted.
Advance Book Information

After you have assigned one of your ISBN numbers and the book is available for purchase, register online at www.BowkerLink.com. This will place the book into the electronic print database and the Books in Print catalog used by bookstores.

Bar Code
EAN bar code. Chain bookstores require a bar code printed on the lower right corner of the back cover. This number is created from the ISBN and usually also includes the suggested retail price. Morgan Printing provides bar codes upon request.

UPC (A) bar code. This manufacturer's bar code can be found on most general merchandise in retail stores. The system digit and the manufacturer's number are assigned by GS1. Website: www.gs1us.org. There is a fee for registering.

ISSN Number (International Standard Serial Number)
This eight-digit number is used for periodicals, magazines, and directories expected to continue indefinitely. Contact the Library of Congress, National Serials Data Program at 202-707-6452. Website: www.loc.gov/issn/.
Library of Congress Control Number

This number is recommended for publishers if the publication is appropriate for placement in libraries. Set up an account online at pcn.loc.gov/. After receiving an account number and password by email, fill out the application for each particular book online and receive a number by email in approximately 24 hours. This service is free.
CIP Data
(Catalog in Publication Data for library indexing)
The Library of Congress CIP Data Block on the title verso page should be used for every book with a library market. Publishers can create this indexing information with the help of a cataloger at a local library. The following information will have to be taken to the library: (1) manuscript, (2) author's name and birthdate, (3) LC number, (4) ISBN number, (5) LC subject headings (librarian should review), (6) LC classification (librarian needs to supply), and (7) Dewey Decimal Classification Number (librarian needs to supply). After a publisher has received two LC numbers from the Library of Congress, they will supply the indexing information for a fee.
Sales Tax Permit Number
(Texas Residents only)
For books delivered in Texas, Texas sales tax will be added to your bill unless you sign a Limited Sales, Excise and Use Tax Resale/Exemption Certificate showing us that (1) the books are produced for the purpose of resale, and giving your Limited Sales Tax Permit Number, (2) your organization is tax exempt, or (3) possession of the books will be taken out of state. To apply for a Limited Sales Tax Number in Texas, contact the State Comptroller of Public Accounts at 512-463-4600 or 1-800-252-5555. You may get a Sales Tax Permit while you wait at the Austin Central office, 1711 San Jacinto Blvd., Suite 180. Check your Texas city for a satellite branch or visit www.window.state.tx.us/taxpermit/.

NOTE: Usually the ISBN, PCN, sales tax and DBA are registered with a publisher's name. Contact your county clerk's office to file a DBA.

*Form available at Morgan Printing.

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